Dress Midi- Trend 2019

Hello stars, today let's talk about trend and this time let's talk about midi dresses.

       The main feature of the midi dress is that its length sits below the knee and

 ends in the cinnamon.

     The "midi" dresses can be used for occasions like work,weekend walk and 

everything will depend on the accessories or combinations that we can create.

Now we will see here dresses / looks that you can be inspired for the day to day 

or even for tours.
 Now for more formal look or special occasions I selected some from the store"Fashionmia".
In general, short women do not like wearing this type of dress, but can they? Our answer is yes, it can only be prioritized by the length of three fingers below the knee a great tip is also to use with bumps to lengthen the silhouette.

To see beautiful pieces in midi visit the "fashionmia" store that has several different pieces for you to assemble your look any way you want. And then would you use or use that trend? Do not leave without comment! Hugs and see you soon.
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